The road to net zero… high oil prices and the war in Ukraine have boosted global interest in energy independence and sustainability.

Battle Approved Motors will continue to align with partners that share the same philosophy on protecting the environment and investing in research and development projects that have a positive effect on the planet. BAM looks forward to collaborating on further research and the development of green technologies in the automotive space.

Over the last few years, country after country has laid out extremely new ambitious climate action goals and policies. To achieve these goals, the world will need millions of workers transitioning into and joining the green economy.

It’s Earth Day. And today we challenge you to make a personal pledge to do something good for the planet and stick with it. You’ll feel better for it, we promise you that!

The greening of the economy is well underway. Green jobs have been growing 1.5% faster across multiple platforms. Earth is hiring, and the opportunity for sustainable, green work is bigger than ever before.

We all have an important role to play. So what will you pledge this Earth Day?

BAM – Rolling to the future ✓


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The road to net zero... high oil prices and the war in Ukraine have boosted global interest in energy independence...
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