7 intriguing facts about Battle Approved Motors, from its unique origins to its eco-friendly focus and love for off-road adventures

1. Origin Story: BAM was founded by a group of professional racers with a passion for electric vehicles that have raised $1.3M+ to date.

2. Unique Vehicles: BAM specializes in designing and manufacturing custom electric vehicles tailored for off-road adventures and rugged terrain.

3. Opportunity Knocks: Invest in BAM on WeFunder and you can receive a voucher towards a reservation, plus be placed at the top of the waiting list. (Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis, and transferable)

4. Eco-Friendly Focus: BAM is committed to sustainability, using many eco-friendly materials and practices in their vehicle production.

BAM e103+ interior

5. Military Inspiration: The company draws inspiration from military vehicles, incorporating durability and reliability into their designs.

6. Community Engagement: BAM has a SMS service to support and engage with its ever growing community. Join by texting BAM to 310-706-2366

7. Innovation Ahead: BAM is constantly pushing the boundaries of EV technology, with plans for innovative features and upgrades in P2 models.

Spotify audio version of the Matt Martelli YouTube interview.

Battle Approved develops electric vehicle technology for work and performance-based off-road vehicles. 

BAM – Rolling to the future ✓