Think Ferrari Meets Tesla in the dirt.  

Battle Approved Motors plans to disrupt the current $7 billion industry by offering a safer professional UTV straight out of the box to the general public. These vehicles will also be street legal in over 32 states, and anyone 16 and above will be able to drive one.

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The UTV market is valued at ~$7 billion and estimated to hit $11.95 billion by 2027.


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The idea for the ultimate UTV is born..

In early 2015, Chris James and his film team began producing an extreme sports film, called Mod Kids USA, which documented the lives of an elite class of youngsters who race mini off-road trucks called mod karts. In our eyes, it was the most exciting sport never-to-been seen by the masses, better than NASCAR, as it’s in the dirt with jumps and berms, similar to Supercross. Over the last 5 years, that film has turned into multiple films, now being released on Prime Video.

In 2017, UTVs started to encroach on short-course racing and began growing in popularity, being more affordable than trucks. The kids in our documentary would have to leave the mod kart class at 16 years old and upgrade either to a larger truck class, which costs close to a quarter of a million, or a UTV which didn’t perform as well.

Thus, in 2018 the idea of Battle Approved Motors was born. Since then, as we team up with a number of Pro drivers and key brands in the industry, we have been developing our race model vehicles that will be ready by 2024.

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“We want our Electric UTV to be like Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt.”

Battle Approved Motors will be one of the first high-end Elite UTVs, straight out of the box. We are eliminating the need to go to a fab shop to have a vehicle cut down with a new roll cage and numerous expensive aftermarket parts.  As our business development manager, Kenny Osborn puts it, “We are like Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt”. Battle Approved Motors is an early-stage startup currently in the design for manufacturing, test, and validation phases.

Unlike ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), which are meant for single riders, UTVs (utility task vehicles or utility terrain vehicles) tend to be beefier and allow for “side-by-side” riding, which makes them great for families and allows them to be used on public roadways, not including state and interstate highways. Our UTV is about luxury, ownership, experience, and performance and our 3 Side-by-Side models (r101, s102, and e103) are powerful, strong, stylish, and tailor to all.


The multibillion-dollar UTV market is fast-growing

The utility terrain vehicle market was valued at US $7 billion in 2020 and estimated to grow with a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2027.

In 2008, the number of UTVs sold in the U.S. was around 270,000 units before the financial crisis took hold. In 2016, that number had grown to just under 411,000! (source)

Battle Approved Motors plans to disrupt the current $7 billion industry by offering a safer professional UTV straight out of the box to the general public. These vehicles will also be street legal in over 32 states, and anyone 16 and above will be able to drive one.


A solid foundation with partnerships in place 

We completed the design development of our concept chassis and e-platform Battle Board in March 2020 and started our partnership development team in July 2020. We currently have two manufacturing facilities for our r101 model, one in Arizona and one in Wisconsin.

We also own 204 acres of land in Arizona for our private testing facility.


The one-stop-shop for durability, safety, cleaner energy, and style

Our flagship model is the e103. This is a 2-seater (and 4-seater) All-Electric UTV. We believe that electric is the future and that UTV owners need a better, cleaner option. Therefore, we see ourselves as a clean tech company. Via electrification and with our 3 models, we believe we’re able to provide a superior vehicle with better performance and safety features than the competition.

All Battle Approved models are to be built to withstand the harshest conditions worldwide. Using proprietary reinforced tubular frames, crash structures, and roll cages, they will be able to handle extreme winter and summer conditions. The race model also known as The Freestyle, due to the way it can corner, jump, and slide. It is able to withstand “gravel, rock, mud, ice, snow, water, and sand” thanks to its surfboard-like setup, with power and torque figures already exceed that of Rally Championship racers. The Freestyle comes in 3 models; Race Ready, Super, and Elite.

Although we are still in the early design stages, we believe our UTV model is already cooler and sleeker than any other on the market. The performance of our test vehicles has not only been smooth and fast, but due to the team we are building, we also feel we can get to market in the same timeline as our competitors.


One of the first UTVs to keep up with the big dogs!

A few years ago we noticed a huge gap in the market at the race-track. There wasn’t a UTV that could perform as well as the trucks, and we believe there still isn’t today. UTVs were first introduced to help farmers move around their land easier. The fact is, UTVs were not originally designed to be powerful, race, and jump. Our vehicle will be one of the first UTVs designed to do all three.

BAM is breaking away from the traditional mold for UTVs and working to build something more economical, greener, better performing, and safer than what currently exists on the market. We are simplifying the process of purchasing a UTV with our one-stop, luxury, all-in-one vehicles that can be used for recreation and performance alike. While current UTVs are mass-produced using metal that is being welded by machines in minutes, Battle Approved UTVs use Chromoly tubing (the same material used by professional racers) and are TIG welded by hand. Chromoly is a chrome-alloy steel, stronger and lighter than mild steel, more commonly used in off-road racing and top of the line bike manufacturing.


On a mission to become the fastest growing off-road brand in North America

In 2024, we will be launching a new off-road racing class, created in partnership with DASH Radio and its founders, featuring the Race Ready model. This launch will become a key marketing platform for the progression of Battle Approved Motors and is described as  “an extremely exciting new off-road racing class for 16-year-olds and up, which will also help highlight the impact of climate change and in time promote the adoption of electric vehicles moving forward to help preserve the environment.”

Within 3-5 years we believe that Battle Approved Motors will be the fastest growing off-road brand in North America. With passion and vision behind us, we will continue to grow our income generated from our race-ready models, utilizing the technical minds of our race teams’ engineers.


Innovation lead by professional racers and successful entrepreneurs

Founded by Chris James, a former BMX racer, film-maker, and entrepreneur, Battle Approved Motors is an early-stage startup currently in the design for manufacturing, test, and validation phases. After creating and producing the successful extreme sports film series “Mod Kids USA,” available on Prime Video, James went on to work extensively on the Battle Approved Motors concept for the last six years.

The team at BAM is now made up of both successful entrepreneurs and professional racers. Our team is currently 14 members and expected to grow to over 42 people over the next 18 months.