Battle Report – Volume One

Our Progress and Accomplishments

Battle Approved Motors is delighted to share the progress and accomplishments of our phenomenal team thus far. From the production of our first prototype to the acquiring and planning of our private testing and racing facility, Battle Approved Motors keeps rolling into the future.

Please join us in the coming days and weeks as we walk you through all of BAM’s detailed accomplishments and what our scalable goals are moving forward. We’ve made considerable progress and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our investors, industry partners, and colleagues whose dedication has made this possible.

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Exterior Body Design: The exterior body design for the r101 UTV was finalized with the Race Development Crew in January of 2022. Amendments and alterations to the UTV’s body design were conducted through a thorough analyzation of the incredible feedback from industry experts, professional drivers, and engineers with decades of development experience.

R101 Prototype: Battle Approved Motors can officially announce that it has brokered a partnership with a high-performance, European Race Design and Tech firm for the production of the r101 prototype. Completion of the first BAM prototype is on schedule to be completed by end of year 2023. We are focused on software, battery, and powertrain development as the prototype progresses.

Chassis Development: Battle Approved Motors has confirmed three US based companies that will construct the r101 chassis. Materials have been acquired for the chassis construction and we have a projected build date of the chassis of July 2023. We will be testing the vehicle electronics across 2023.

Suspension Patent: The process has begun on the patenting of our exclusive suspension racing components for the r101 and a few yet to be announced Battle Approved products. We are looking forward to sharing these new concepts with you once the patent process is complete in the near future.

Private Testing Facility: Battle Approved has acquired over 200 acres of open land to serve as the private testing grounds and facility for BAM. The property will also serve the future company mission of providing a sustainable community for racers and investors to build, test, live, and race.

BAM – Rolling to the future ✓

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Arizona is getting hotter and it’s not just the temperature

Battle Approved Motors owns over 204 acres of land in Arizona and that may soon double. Gearing up development for our private community, testing facility, and future BAM headquarters is highly anticipated. “This is a unique opportunity. The plan is complex, but neat. There are many moving parts with involvement from people inside and both outside the state than anything else I've been involved in," said Kenny Osborn (Battle Approved) - READ MORE below.
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Earth is hiring

The road to net zero... high oil prices and the war in Ukraine have boosted global interest in energy independence and sustainability. Battle Approved Motors will continue to align with partners that share the same philosophy on protecting the environment and investing in research and development projects that have a positive effect on the planet.
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Our Progress and Accomplishments: Battle Report – Volume One

Battle Approved Motors is delighted to share the progress and accomplishments of our phenomenal team thus far. From the production of our first prototype to the acquiring and planning of our private testing and racing facility. READ MORE below.
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Battle Approved Motors Announces New VP, Creative Naya Rodriguez

Battle Approved Motors is pleased to report that Naya Rodriguez of WonderHaus and Lamb of the Wolf Creative has joined the BAM team as VP, Creative. READ MORE below.
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DWT Racing Join Forces With Battle Approved Motors

We’re excited to announce that DWT Racing® have agreed to a long term partnership with Battle Approved Motors; the off-road Startup that is focusing on electric technology. READ MORE below.
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Girl Power!

Celebrating all of the creative and talented women who make up Battle Approved on this year's International Women's Day! Together we hope to help aid a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. READ MORE below.
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Which Car Brands Are Going All Electric and When

Which car brands are going all electric and when? It's sooner than you think! Manufacturers are racing to go electric ahead of bans on new fossil-fuel vehicles in several countries. To see a list of brands that are making the permanent switch to electric click READ MORE below.
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Round 2 on Start Engine

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a second round of funding on the Start Engine platform. To learn more more about this exciting opportunity, click READ MORE below.
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Netflix Tell-All Michael Schumacher Documentary (Official Trailer)

A tell-all documentary on seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher is set to drop on Netflix on September 15.
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Sparco USA Partners With Battle Approved Motors

Battle Approved Motors and Sparco USA today announced a multiyear partnership.
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