BAM Stomper

STOMPER: the new vehicle rolling out of BAM

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There’s no better feeling than hitting the trails and slinging mud in an off-road vehicle. So it’s no shock to see a market growth valuation of $11.5 billion by 2027.

The growth of electric vehicles brings up the question; Will electric UTVs take over the off-road market? Well, we believe so – hence being one of the very first companies to enter the space.

Battle Approved Motors is developing electric off-road vehicles and although The Electric UTV is the focus, we’re currently testing software on a QUAD we’re calling STOMPER.

QUADs have not only gained popularity for regular consumers through the pandemic, but the military has also found an excellent use for them in missions and day-to-day responsibilities. Also known as an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) – you sit on it like a motorbike, but is far more sturdy and safer as it has four wheels.

All-terrain mobility makes these off-road vehicles perfect for army ground soldiers and Marines.

The aim is to create not only a fun and cool smaller vehicle for consumers – but to think ahead and reach out to government branches that might benefit from a fleet of BAM electric vehicles.

It’s important to clarify that the company hasn’t changed its direction, but according to Chris James, Founder and CEO of BAM “We’re testing our technology now. The UTV is crazy powerful at 400Hp, but when it comes to the current industry upgrades going on with batteries and power trains, we’re also waiting for technology to catch up.”

As a growing company, showing knowledge and expertise in the field is crucial, and waiting for technology to catch up is just not an option. As James states “we want to be out there, waiting isn’t an option and we’re using the tools we have now to test for the future.”

Kenny Osborn (Development Manager) at Battle Approved Motors says “Developing the BAM QUAD is an easier and faster way to scale down – as it doesn’t need as much technology but at the same time it allows us to test things crucial for the UTV such as software.”

Rolling to the future ✓